Smart Networking Connects Others

Loving to meet new people, hearing their stories, I’m always a willing patsy when I hear about an event where I might make some new friends.

Invited to such an opportunity the other day, I found myself at lunch just yesterday with a most interesting bunch of characters representing, as it turned out, two industries that I’m just starting to explore.  Here we all were, gathered at a table at Noodles, halfway between Boulder and Denver.  There just a few of us, and there wasn’t much time to dawdle. 

If the goal of any networking event is to exchange information, we met this goal!  I was sitting between a RENEWABLE ENERGY professional and a woman from the Q&A (SOFTWARE) worlds. Also across from me was Q&A pro Patti Wiles, a longtime member of the STELLAR Women’s Roundtables. Her former boss at SUN had connected us all. At the end of the table was a fellow whose entire career has been spent in the emerging sector of LOCATION INTELLIGENCE.  Then there was the PROFESSIONAL SERVICES gentleman who sat across from me who specializes in_________  The table conversation was loaded with undirected quick tips – Boulder Tech Meetups are big these days – as well as stories of interviews, good and bad. 

I wasn’t there as long as I’d have like to visit, but my take-away was that the organizer was practicing her very best networking skills: connecting others makes for a larger, more responsive network for everyone.  The CONNECTOR gets the credit, and everyone WINS!

erika hanson brown

STELLAR Connections LLC

denver, co  usa


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