a flurry of new connections

This week has been just grand!  Invited to two professional conferences this week, I made contact and developed connections with some of the best and brightest of two “different” (although connected!) worlds: e-commerce and location intelligence.

Invited to attend the LI conference by LBx Journal (a new and timely publication disseminating solutions-type of information to the end-users of location intelligence), I was star-struck by this marvelous technology and business play of Geo-Spatial Information (GIS).  I was able to spend a little time with some of the vendors – not many of the attendees – and established the very beginnings of biz connection with a fair number of them.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon listening to and meeting with the e-commerce founders of such internet plays as NETFLIX, VISIBLE WORLD, MAPQUEST, VIDEOBLOOM, EBAGS, BRIGHT HUB, A PLACE FOR MOM, TAG NETWORKS, USAUTOPARTS, and INSIDE JOBS.  Connections made in the TV world were QVC, SI TV, and BLOOMBERG NEWS.  I was thrilled and delighted as well to connect with the woman charged with BEST BUY’S Hispanic internet initiative.  (This was all heady stuff for someone originally from little Miles City, Montana!)

While it was my intent to learn as much as I can from the content delivered at these conferences, I really go to develop connections.  (Connections are, after all, the ones that are more likely to respond to your communications.)  I want to do business with my connections, and this is one of the places to find them.

As you know, I like to say: “IT’S NOT WHO YOU KNOW – IT’S WHO CALLS YOU BACK!”

I’m looking forward to my relationship-building with some of these terribly fascinating business leaders – as many as I can!!!

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