nothin’ better!

There really is nothing better than an early morning swim at the gorgeous 50M pool at the University of Denver!  I get showered and dressed after that immersion with a wonderful feeling of wellness, energy, and wealth of new ideas.  It’s always amazing to me that I somehow get to “thrash” through some of my current biz issues and ideas at the same time that I am thrashing relentlessly through the water!

Some very bright people meditate daily.  I believe strongly in the value of meditation; I just engage in that activity in more places than one!

As a kid I swam competitively. In an age when girls didn’t participate in athletic activities (except chasing boys and cheerleading!), I was a member of a small swimming team.  Our coach – the legendary David Rivenes – had scrounged up an indoor pool for us to use in the darkest of Montana winter days, and each training day I could count on the light toot of a car horn – the announcement that I should run out the door and go for that training swim for the next couple of hours.

It was during those winter days that I realized a sense of feeling better (and I already felt good!) after the training episode.  I would always feel energized, excited, relaxed, and accomplished after those workouts.  There was a major shift in self-esteem and confidence that I remember feeling and, at the same time, I had had fun!  What a great way to feel.

I quit the routine of swimming competitively at the tender age of 14 years.  I swore that I’d had “enough”, and I said that I’d not do that again.

It didn’t take me long to forget that great feeling; I didn’t even miss it for 20 years.

At age 36 I took up regular swimming again.  Wow!  There it was again!  Immediately I was able to hearken back to that mysterious feeling of health and well-being.  All I needed to do was to swim again, and I’d feel like a teenager.    

And today I know that my good fortune in rediscovering swimming is something that delivers me to very necessary introspective meditation, but it’s also an activity that may have saved my life from recurrence from cancer.  (I am today 7 years removed from diagnosis of stage iiic colon cancer.)

Anyone want to go swimming with me?

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