the ConnectoringR Strategist – An intro to Location Intelligence!

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 10
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Location: Leo Block Alumni Center (University of Denver)
Address: 2190 E. Asbury Ave.


Location intelligence is changing the way we think about business, public policy, the environment…everything.  It has been a niche skill for the last 20 years.  Google Earth and smart phones are making maps and geography part of your day to day business and individual life.  However, there is still a skill to be acquired in thinking spatially which is critical to competing in the 21st Century. 


Find out why the location dimension…the spatial dimension…the geographic dimension of information is the new competitive advantage.  The Denver Future Forum is proud to present three visionary thought leaders on the subject:


• Steve Hick, Director of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) at the University of Denver will talk about the history of location intelligence, where it sits in the academic curriculum, and why it needs to expand to other disciplines such as business, international affairs, public policy, real estate, and the social sciences. 

• Jim Pollock, President of aWhere, a Golden-based location-intelligence company, will discuss the business benefits understanding traditional business metrics in the context of where people, factories, businesses, supplies, services, capital, etc. are located. 

• John Corbett, CEO of aWhere, will discuss how location intelligence improves public policy with examples of the impact of understanding and visualizing the correlation between human health and climate. 


Don’t miss this unique perspective on the Education debate. Please RSVP to Erin Beatty, and let them know that you’ll be attending this fascinating event!


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