the ConnectoringR Strategist – An Interesting Experiment with LinkedIn

Like most of you, I have a relatively modest list of people in my first-level contact list on LinkedIn.  The truth of the matter, though, is that there are people on my “connections” list that I do not yet know. 

Since my most basic networking premise is “It’s Not Who You Know – It’s Who Calls You Back!”, I’m not really confident – yet – that all of those good folks will really call me back if I call them.

In most of those cases, I suspect that – when my name is mentioned to them – most, at this point, will say “…who?”!

Cogitating that fact, I sent out an email to that list on LI that invited them to connect with me in some way; I proposed dialogue together so that we might really get to know one another.

The response to that email has been so very interesting.  I’ve a calendar packed with call appointments and face-to-face meetings (with those in Denver metro).

Many of you have asked about response rate (to that one invitational (non-strategic) email.  In a great conversation with David Phelps yesterday, we discovered that we both worked at Qwest at the same time.  We were able to share stories and to both shake our heads in mutual understanding of what it was really like in those early days.  I expect that we’ll have many more productive conversations with one another as time goes by.


In our conversation yesterday, I shared with David that my response rate to my email send-out was “around 20%”.  “Wow!” gasped David, “…that’s really good!”

Well, David, I have to revise my number.  I checked it out (rather than guessing) and my rate is actually 8%.  Not bad, but not 20% – which would have been phenomenal.


But you know what, gang?  I’m in the process of developing some cool relationships with folks that heretofore would have said “Who?” when I called them.

And I’m going to keep this relationship-building process up by introducing you to them as I meet them!

How ‘bout them apples?!!!!

erika hanson brown

STELLAR Connections LLC

"connecting leaders for business"

denver, co  usa


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