The ConnectoringR Strategist – LinkedIn Experiment Cont’d: Read About Jonas Rolo!

I’m starting to get to know my “connections” on LinkedIn; yes, I am!   (Some call me “courageous”; others think I really may be crazy.)

But I honestly do want to be able to feel that I know a little something about some of these folks with whom I enjoy first-level connection on LI.

Just the other day, I sent out a list-wide invitation to those in that category to connect/reply in some way to my request for actual connection.

So far I’ve gotten a very interesting reaction from some fascinating folks.

Today I’m going to tell you a bit about Jonas Rolo, a brilliant young man who is studying for his PhD at Carnegie Mellon University in PA.  But here’s the great part: his focus of study is on networks – the structure, analytics, the “why’s”, how’s, and the “who’s”. We had a great conversation of mutual “uncover’y”.  I was thrilled to meet him and to discover the fact that he – as a Portuguese national – has been sent by his company (the telecomm of Portugal) to one of the most prestigious universities of our country.

We were able to chat somewhat as peers about the new science of network analytics (I think this is the proper name).  As I very much consider myself to be a perpetual student of networking, working the net, the effect of relationships upon the building of a solid network, etc., it did thrill me that Jonas I were able to have a discussion of such mutual respect for one another’s work.

So, thanks, Jonas!  It was a treat to create the start of another fascinating, collegial relationship. 

And without LinkedIn, this would never have happened!

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