The ConnectoringR Strategist – Connecting with LinkedIn Friends One At A Time

It’s really, really nice to connect a face with a name!!

I’ve been having the very best time in connecting – real time and in person – with people in my LinkedIn network (those that I have not yet met).

Last Friday I had the pleasure of meeting Denverite Rick Hamrick at my favorite coffee shop in my Denver/Congress Park neighborhood – the local Daz Bog that was developed out of an old-time’y automobile service station.  (On warm days, they open up the joint by raising the garage doors; the place floods with warmth and sunshine!)

Rick – a delightful fellow and creative blogger – gave me a bit of a run-down on his professional background and his life (he met his wife online), and we really connected on the issue of “connecting”! 

Most folks don’t take the art of networking/connecting quite as seriously as I do, but I thought I’d try something a bit unusual with Rick.  (He seemed willing and open to new ideas – something l liked tremendously about him.)  So I suggested that he request LI connection with one of my newly-acquainted connections: David Phelps.

I just had a feeling that the two of them had some things in common.

Next thing I see on my perusal of happenings on my LI homepage, David Phelps and Rick Hamrick have connected.  I hope that the two of them get to know one another and discover what it is that they have in common.

Watch out!  When I finally meet you, I’ll be thinking about connecting you to someone in my network! 

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PS.  Hope you are planning on attending the Denver Future Forum’s LOCATION INTELLIGENCE presentation tonight!  (And I’ll look forward to greeting you there!)


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