The CONNECTORING Strategist – Weekly Adventures Report

Connectoring® Adventures….. (cont’d)

Visiting with five more of my LinkedIn contacts last week was terrific!! In that group were three with whom I re-connected (Gary Gaessler, Nancy Loderick, and Drew Nygard.) , and a couple with whom I made initial contact with coffee or a phone call: Lisa Shultz and Ross Dodwell.   (This week’s conversations will be more international….UAE and India, for starters)

Gary, co-founder of, is also a fellow past invitee to an annual ski trip that used to be hosted by a mutual friend: Darren Smith.  We would all meet early in the AM for a chartered bus trip up to Copper Mountain Ski Resort – a much better deal that driving up alone in all that traffic!  Abundant food and drinks would be served to all so very graciously.  We’d arrive at the mountain to be greeted by customer service folks who would have our skis and equipment ready for us, and we’d ski together all day.  At the end of that glorious day, we’d bundle back into the comfortable bus, be plied with cocktails and appetizers, and we’d giddily enjoy the trip back to Denver – knowing that we didn’t have to fight that traffic! 

Nancy Loderick – a fellow supporter of women in business – was introduced originally to me by Lars Hilse.  Imagine!  Lars – in Germany – introduces two US-based women because he “connects the dots” between us!  Now that’s networking!  Nancy and I caught up, and I discovered that she is interviewing for process improvement and change management jobs in the Boston area.  Know of anything for this very accomplished professional?

Lisa Shultz – another supporter for women – and I enjoyed a coffee introduction this past week. Lisa has been very prolific in providing Denver venues wherein women can gather for networking with one another and is rapidly becoming known “amongst women” for the so-doing.  Good going, Lisa!!

And then there’s Andrew (Drew) Nygard.  Drew was the Consultant and San Franciscan who provided my initial invitation into LinkedIn.  He and I had met during my promotion of my own women’s support group ( several years prior.  He KNEW that I’d immediately “get” what LinkedIn was all about. 

That was back in 2003 – in the days when there were just a few thousand professionals in the LI network. 

And now there are over 50M.  What an example of exponential growth!!

PS.  Drew and I had such a good time catching up last week that we’re going to talk again next Friday!! 

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