The CONNECTORING Strategist – Skype or GoogleTalk?

How would your world (and your business) change if you actually knew all of your first-level connections on LinkedIn?

Mine is definitely changing (and becoming enlarged), directly due to the fact that I am reaching out to those that I’ve not yet had some sort of verbal dialogue.  Thanks to this whole new world that we’re starting to enjoy (thank you, new technologies!), I’m able to execute on my feeling that I should really know the folks to whom I’m supposedly connected.  I’m reaching out and making phone appointments with people on my list, and changing the nature of the “connection” with them by the so-doing.  Obviously, I’m making it an actual connection.

My goal is to enjoy a responsive network.  And I don’t preach for nothing: IT’S NOT WHO YOU KNOW – IT’S WHO CALLS YOU BACK!

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of speaking via VOIP with a Jordanian-bred American who is doing strategic consulting in Dubai.  While talking with him, I learned much about the UAE.  I was able to pull up a map of Dubai itself and to envision what his current life might be like by “walking down some streets” (on the map, of course) with him.  Raised and schooled all over Europe and the Middle East, Raed’s home base (and family) is in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  His view is global; his understanding of the different cultural aspects of business life is prodigious.  The Google connection was very clear, and we talked well over an hour – a fascinating hour for me! 

Count one point for GoogleTalk.

Yesterday I connected with Ashwin Bhambri, founder of Talent on Campus, now in early “alpha” launch stage.  Ashwin – he in New Delhi at 3am, and I in Denver at 2pm– VOIP’ed it using Skype.  He could apparently hear me better than I could understand him (the sound came in diminishing and enlarging “waves of volume” to me).  We managed to communicate, however, in spite of the difficulties. 

After our call, I received three personal introductions to some of his business colleagues and personal friends, all with whom I intend to establish dialogue. (These folks are in Mumbai, New Delhi, London, and Denver!)

Count minus one point for Skype.  Ashwin and I will be exchanging emails with more information, and I will thereupon be able to connect Talent on Campus to some of my own trusted connections.

So, what do you think of my adventures?  I’d love to hear.  Feel very free to comment on this blog or shoot me an email.  I’m accessible!

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