Announcing – Guest Blogger and Top Recommended Rob Berman!

Hi, all!

Moving forward on this blog, I will be featuring – amongst other things – invited Guest Bloggers from the Top Recommended Group on LinkedIn.

Our first in the series is Rob Berman, one of the first people I “met” (by phone) upon becoming the Manager of the TRP Group.

Enjoy!  (He has lots of tough questions for us here……)

20 Questions a Manager Should Ask Themselves


Do you remember the old game of 20 Questions?  Managers and owners of firms should regularly stop and take stock of where we are as managers.


Here are some questions you should answer for yourself.  Only you know the answers, so be brutally honest.


What is your unique value proposition within the firm?

Do you always follow the “rules” or do you occasionally throw out the “rules?”

What is your greatest weakness?

What are you doing about mitigating your greatest weakness?

What have you done lately to improve your skills as a manager?

Do you have an open door policy?  If yes, do employees take advantage of it?

Have you delegated all the work that you can?

Do you hold group meetings to share information in both directions/

Are you a micromanager?

Are you a “big picture” manager?

Has your management style changed for the better or for the worse?

Do you spend disproportionate time on tasks you like and less time on tasks you do not like or enjoy?

Do you consider the per hour cost of employees when assigning tasks?

Do you have a personal development plan for yourself?  Is it in writing and being followed?

Are you consciously acting as a positive role model for your staff?

Do you act as a goodwill ambassador for your company?  If not, then who does?

Who is your most promising employee?

What are you doing to grow that most promising employee?

Are you a solo decision maker or do you consult with others for their input?

How are you using technology to better manage?


The Takeaway

Managers and owners manage many aspects of their businesses.  Remember that we need to manage ourselves as well.


Those are the ideas for consideration.  What do you think? 

Do you ever stop and think about how you manage?

Did you find answering these questions helpful?

What other self-exploratory items would you add to the list?


Rob Berman
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