Where In The World is Erika?

Where in the world is Erika?

I’m on the "High Road to Taos" in the charming village of Ojo Sarco, NM, pleasantly "surviving" by living rent-free in exchange for home-tending.

Yesterday I drove from Denver down to Taos….and then took ‘the high road to Taos’’. It was a lovely day, a lovely drive.

Arriving about 2ish, I found my way to my destination: the Ojo Sarco Pottery, owned by the wonderful couple who had invited me to live in their adobe dwelling while they go off "to the beach" for a couple of weeks. There are two wonderful, beloved dogs, one green-eyed cat, several chickens, lots of wild birds, a hot tub, and a fireplace (stove) for me to tend. If I want to cave to my domestic leanings, I can bake bread – something I love doing. I’m just off the road to Chimayo (church with the "magic" dirt) and lovely little villages with names such as : Las Tampas, Truches, and Penasco.

Why am I doing this? Being determined to survive – with body and soul intact – this long-lasting recession of ours, I leased my own property for a year and set out for a year of doing housesitting. I was attracted to this particular out-of-town gig because it just seemed like a great idea to be able to find soul refreshment like this.

I lived like this many years back (my early days in Aspen), so I’m not unfamiliar with the life-style.

All of us have our own coping mechanisms. Housesitting for nice people is just one of mine.

What are yours?

erika hanson brown

Mayor of ColonTown, USA

denver, co, usa


303.648.5410 FAX

303.351.4103 (add’l vm)




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