Chicken Coops, Bean, and Convection Ovens

November 15, 2010

On Chicken Coops, Beans, & Convection Ovens

Well, the title – if nothing else – ought to get your attention!  The title of this piece represents just some of my newer discoveries on my first day in the little valley called Ojo Sarco, NM.

What began as a stunningly beautiful, clear and sunny day turned this afternoon into a snow squall….a squall that I could see coming even before it happened.  (I love this!)

I’m on a housesit assignment in the mountains, therefore cell coverage is problematic. (You lied, T-Mobile.) If I drive to the top of one of the hills, I can get cell connection (and thus, hear my voice mail).  So, now I’ve a valid reason to leave the warm fire in the adobe home and drive a little bit – to connect with The Real World!

Beans?  They serve lots and lots of beans here in New Mexico.  They are wonderful, of course, and one is tempted to eat them 24-7, however………..

Yes, I’m feeding chickens. I’m feeding (and talking with) chickens at least twice a day.  I just ran out this evening to their coop and couldn’t find them.  Why?  They were safely nested in their “apartment” – a converted trailer, complete with mirrors, a sink and all the normal accoutrements that normally go with a little pull-behind for camping.  This one, though, is filled with straw.  Usually, the chickens have left a little gift for me to find: one egg. 

I ate that one tonight (right out of the nest!) with my second helping of beans tonight!  (Oh, oh!.)

And then I discovered the big can of ready-to-bake chocolate chip cookies in the fridge.  That and the wonders of a convection oven are going to deliver to me – in just a few minutes – fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies to chow down on while drinking my milk and enjoying the fire!

Perhaps you wish you were visiting my little adobe and sharing in all the fun stuff?!!!   (I’ll take some photos and include them in a future posting.)

“Chipping” away,


erika hanson brown

Mayor of ColonTown, USA

denver, co, usa


303.648.5410 FAX

303.351.4103 (add’l vm)



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