Bread – and more of living in the country as a strategy

I’ve made delicious home-made bread for most of 40 years.  People love eating it; I love making it. 


Having developed “my” recipe, I’ve never really wanted to learn another way.  Again, people love it – I love doin’ it!  (It makes me feel good.)


But I’ve always wanted to know how the “country folks” create that country-style crust on their breads.  Would this mean that I’d have to invest in a new oven, new equipment, more hours, etc?




Kathy Riggs, the owner of the New Mexico adobe home that I’m currently housesitting, showed me the way.


Giving credit to its creator, Jim Lahey, there’s another secret to great bread-making: his MINIMALIST Secret.  Believe it or not, there is no kneading, no talent required, and the result is spectacular.  The recipe calls for just a tad of yeast, no sugar at all, a little salt, uses water of any temperature (even cold) and the big one: time.


I can prepare the mix in the evening, let it sit, and serve it hot and crusty out of the oven the next noon.  This bread rivals the best country breads of France that I’ve sampled (so, so good with parmesean and a country red wine!).  


So, here I am – still in the northern New Mexico rural country – still surviving, still thriving!!  Have (new recipe for) bread – will travel!!!


PS.  Let us know how you like this magnificent, tasty bread, will you????





erika hanson brown


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