is it time for you to write your book?

“….we thought you would be the ideal lady to come over to our cabin near
Hulett for 8 weeks while we travel for medical treatment for Dolf.

We are both dutch and have after our retirement traveled extensively all
over the USA in our motorhome since 1990 and then,after 80.000 miles ,we
settled in a quiet valley in an old cabin.

We rebuilt that old cabin around the doorknob until it became a beautiful
,original american loghome and ,even though we never intended to, we were” adopted “in the course of 5 years by 3 kitties..

Now, we have to leave the cabin for 8 weeks,since Dolf has to have medical
treatment for his kidneys in China and we need a cat-sitter…who can do all
she wants here..we have internet, phone, car for you..only no teevee, but
radio and lots of (classical) music…

Let us know if March and April 2011 are still open and we pick you up at the
Airport of Rapid City…

Regards:Dolf&Carla and Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr&Little Owl &NICKY& deer and


I received this email inquiry in the mail last night. I was so charmed and
delighted with the ensuing conversation with them that I’ve decided to help
them find and refer to them their ideal housesitter. Would YOU happen to be the person (or one of a couple?) who might be
intrigued with the idea of spending a couple of months in quiet and peace of
the country, in a log cabin in northern Wyoming? Call or email me; I will
send along the photographs that Carla attached…..303.780.9111.

PS. Housesitting is a GREAT way to enhance your life while – at the same
time – greatly reducing your living expenses. Call me for more

erika hanson brown, Principal
STELLAR Connections LLC
Trusted House & Pet Sitting Referrals
denver, co, usa
303.351.4103 (add’l vm)
skype: erikahansonbrown


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