I’m a Life-Chooser. I’m writing this blog in the hopes that you will – yourself – become a Life-Chooser.

Let’s cut to the chase here and get some questions out of the way.

  1. What the heck does THAT mean?  “How can this apply to me and to the direction in which I choose my own path?”
  2. To whom is The Connectoring ® Strategist speaking? Is this information applicable to me, the everyday schlep who is into such actvities as recruiting, bizdev, career shopping/job hunting, marketing/pr, computer science (or any other type of science), medicine/healthcare, design/copywriting, and even homemaking!

To all of these questions I say YES! – this blog and all the stories therein are to target you with helpful stories, useful ideas, and personal, knowing support for you and your everyday concerns!!

So, what IS a Life-Chooser?  Well, I am one.  I’ll illustrate this by telling a story. 

When I was starting to “get smart” (in my mid-thirties), I started having thoughts “around” important life issues.  Don’t ask me why – at that point, I wasn’t using any common sense about anything, having made a terrible mess of my life up to that point. 

Somehow, for some reason, reason grabbed me one day and made me have the following conversation with myself (a conversation that I’ve come to know that most folks don’t have).  The conversation went like this: “Erika, do you choose to live, or do you choose to die?”  (Wow! This is pretty heavy!)

Something deep inside me said to “me”,  “I choose to live.”   The other “me” promptly said to “me”,  “Well, if that is your choice, you cannot possibly continue to smoke cigarettes, can you?”

Well, no, I couldn’t continue to smoke if I really meant what I said to “me”.

I quit smoking cold turkey the Christmas vacation of 1980….30 years ago.

Next up?  My overindulgence in spirits.   I’ve now been alcohol-free for two decades.  (This one took me longer to get.)

—to be continued.




One Response to About

  1. erikahansonbrown says:

    Stellar Connections LLC was founded in 1990 in Colorado.

    Specialists in full-cycle executive staff recruitment functions with keen focus on the diversity marketplace. Stellar delivers for the participants a pleasant, completed, connection and recruitment experience.

    Services offered include executive coaching, people intelligence, relationship-building coursework, and also professional connections effectuated to specific parties. These offerings are targeted for the company or individual by whom we are retained for such activity.

    Stellar is available for sourcing, screening, employee recruiting services, consulting, and the execution of local, national, and international searches for select clientele

    Areas of functional expertise include but are not limited to the Passive Candidate in Marketing, Advertising Services, Sales, Legal, Innovation, Corporate Finance, Public Affairs, International, and Human Resources.

    Professional staff is noted for highly-developed soft skills (offline) and social media expertise (online), producing demonstrably productive relationships with hiring authorities and candidates alike.

    Contact directly for more information:

    Erika Hanson Brown, Founder and Chief Talent Strategist


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