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November 22, 2008


Part 1.

I’ve always been one known to be a very competent networker.  Being so has enabled me to become a very good executive recruiter and corporate staffer.  I’ll take it one step further: being a great networker has contributed to the saving of my life!!  (Much more about this later….)

Along my life’s path, several people have asked me to teach them “how you do what you do”.  One of the very first things I learned was that people everywhere detest the term “networker”.

Several years ago at a meeting I was advised that if I wanted to be successful at this endeavor (showing the “world” how to build their networks), I had better come up with new terminology!!

I took this idea very seriously.  A couple of years ago I conjured the term “connectoring strategy”, registered the trademark with the USPTO, and started to introduce the phrase into business speak (bizspeak).


a connectoring® strategist

November 21, 2008
erika hanson brown

erika hanson brown

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