housesitting as a strategy for today

How does a person hang on during really tough financial times?  Do some housesitting/caretaking for those folks who are traveling!

People ask me how I got started.  Following is my start:

I am a cheerful, independent and responsible, single person that would be a perfect candidate to
mind your house, pets and gardens in your absence.
A non-smoker and non-drinker, my lifestyle is
active (I swim daily), and my pursuits are
professional. An active condominium owner, I have
leased my property so that I can save money for my
eventual retirement needs. I have lived in Denver
for almost two decades, having lived in resort communities as a home owner for
ten years prior.
As a former American au pair, I also
understand the mores and culture of other countries.
I’m now an empty-nester with
great energy. I would be delighted hear from you
and, of course, I have great references.

Based upon this ad, I’ve managed to settle on (and settle into!) three housesitting “deals” so far.

What do YOU think about my idea for cutting down on life’s expenses while –at the same time – exploring other lifestyles?





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